About Us

We are golfers who want to leave a lasting legacy on the next generation of golfers.

3Nicks.com was created in an effort to help young, amateur golfers become better at the sport they love. I (Randy Schmit) founded the website on the principles that determination and hard work are more important to becoming a master golfer than natural skill. It certainly helps that I went from hardly being able to golf par to being able to golf far below. I understand and acknowledge the struggle and that is why I want to help you become the very best golfer you can be. Read our articles, learn the lessons I learned, and start to improve yourself. Learn more about golfing with 3nicks.com!.

We are golfers ourselves with years of experience. Nothing improves your game more than experience.

“3Nicks is the most informative and helpful company I have ever used. They helped me to significantly lower my golfing averages! Thank you!” – Jake Umbergone, USA