3nicks is here to help form the golfers of the future.

Swing Techniques
Improving your swing techniques is very important in helping your overall game. In order to have a good swing, you need to work on simple exercises that will build upon one another. It takes patience, but the benefits are amazing.

Publishing Golfing Articles
We are always looking for more exposure. We have written articles for several magazines such as Golf Daily, The Green, and Putt-by-Putt. Contact us in order to find out more.

Strategy Training
Having perfect swinging technique is nothing if you have no strategy to your game. Strategy is one of the things that makes golf such a great sport. It is won by intellect, not muscle. We can help you with your strategy today.

Going Pro
We have taken several golfers from the amateur to the professional level. It is a difficult journey, but if you have the patience and skill you can achieve your dream. Contact us today for more information.