5 Steps To Improve Your Golf Game

5 Steps to Improve Your Golf Game

There are very few golfers that do not feel that they can improve on their game. While there are the very select few that are born with a natural talent that allows them to excel at golf, they still understand that from time to time they need to touch up on the fundamentals. The five steps that will be discussed below, are designed to help anyone improve their overall performance.

1. Footwork
Ensuring that your feet and your body are properly anchored behind the ball will help to increase your driving distance. The foot behind the ball is the one that needs to be anchored. For right-handed golfers, it will be their right foot and for left-handed golfers, it will be the left. Many golfers will lift their foot too soon and lose a large amount of power in their swing.

2. Elbow Placement
Keeping your right arm, or left, close to your hip, will ensure that your body is driving your arms and the club through impact with the ball. This reduces your hands from causing negative interference with the shot.

3. Club Performance
Hitting the ball as hard as you can is a mistake many golfers make. Golf clubs are designed around technique and form, not so much around power. Concentrating on the mechanics, such as foot placement, follow-through on the hit, will inevitably produce a better, longer shot. Relax, and let the club to its job.

4. Check the Grip
When gripping the club, golfers should relax and maintain a light grip throughout the entire swing. This will lead to a faster swing through impact and will generate a long, accurate drive.

5. Shorter Is Longer
Using a short and controlled back swing will result in a longer drive. Many golfers bring their club back too far on the backswing and causes them to lose control of their club. A controlled backswing will generate more power while still maintaining control of the club.