Going From Amateur To Professional Golfer

Golf is one of the most exciting sports throughout the world. It is not new, with documents showing a 1457 Act of King James II of Scotland prohibiting it being played. Further research shows Mary, Queen of Scots, playing golf in 1567 and Sir John Foulis, a lawyer, recorded playing golf at Musselburgh Links in 1672. A Company of Gentlemen Golfers of Scotland wrote the first rules of golf in 1744. It was in 1779 that the game came to the United States.

Many times, people who are serious about the game are interested in becoming a professional. Professionals have the opportunity to become instructors or a regular participant in various tournaments throughout the country and abroad. This job requires serious training and discipline.

Having skills in playing the game as well as information regarding the latest rules, clubs and balls is essential when planning to become a professional. Many in this profession start out a very young age and progress through training and competition games. Being able to devote a maximum amount of time to practice is a way to develop a low handicap or become a scratch golfer. This will allow you to compete in amateur golf tournaments, working up to the state level.